Penal Code and Animals (2009)

искания на кампанията - листовка

2009 started by citizen and NGO requests  for changes. We campaigned for the Penal Code to be amended to include animal cruelty and animal fights. The Cruelty to Animals should be observed as a Crime.

The Citizen Group "City for Responsible People" managed a signature collection. IWNS helped the initiative with volunteers, know how and printing materials. The initiative collected 31 000 signatures in 4 days.

On 2 April 2009 The Bulgarian Parliament adopted partial amendments. For the first time, the Bulgarian Penal Code accepts a type of an animal abuse as a crime. Animal Fights became part of the Penal Code. The initiative has been supported and advanced majorly by the Bulgarian Parliamentary Members Mrs. Evdokia Maneva and Mrs. Eliana Maseva.


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