How did the flash mob “We do not tolerate cruelty towards animals” go

31.07.13 / Press Release

Dear friends,

One of the main focuses of our activity in the last few weeks is the case in Topolovo village and the progress of the followed investigation. Not until we see an effective verdict, will we remove our focus from this case. This case was very indicative that sometimes despite their big desire for help, people are just not informed how they can do it. Last Sunday “Intimate with the Nature Society” association organized a flash mob under the title “We do not tolerate cruelty towards animals”. Our idea is to show people in a positive and relaxing way how they can react, if they become witnesses of violence against animals. At the organized meeting in front of NDK (National Palace of Culture) we met wonderful people who support our cause. Children and parents had great fun. There were representatives of the animal world, too.  We think that thanks to the few but qualitative and awesome people who came there, we managed to create a positive event and we delivered our message.
The organized flash mob also carried the idea to remind the Court and the Prosecution in Asenovgrad that the Low provides a maximum penalty for this crime and we expect them to do a good job.

We thank all the participants in the flash mob for the fresh event!

You can see a video report of the occasion Opens external link in new windowhere.

Translation of the video report:
A flash mob in the capital increased the attention to the problem about violence against animals. The reason for this was the extremely violent incident in Topolovo village, in which an owner lugs its dog tied to his car. The participants in the event embodied in a few different roles – an animal, a rapist, a veterinary and a policeman. After that the Court appeared too, to judge the rapist with 3 years imprisonment.
The advocate:
“I see that people do not have an appropriate attitude towards animals and this must be changed. This is why we do this initiative and this is just the beginning of a series of such initiatives. Precisely with the aim to stop this cruelty we must show what the real attitude towards animals should be. I reviewed the practice and I saw that there are other cases like this, which ended up with convictions.”
The interviewer:
“When did this happen?”
The advocate:
”This happened two years ago. The low is relatively new and this is why there isn’t a lot of practice, but there already are similar cases, in which the law was applied in its severity. However, yet it should be applied even more sternly.”
The interviewer:
“Is the biggest penalty 3 years imprisonment ?”
The advocate:
“Yes, the biggest penalty is 3 years imprisonment for manifested extreme cruelty.” The organizers appeal to inform MVR and the Prosecution immediately in a similar situation. They also promised that this initiative will not be the last one.

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