Stop the cruelty in Bulgarian zoos petittion - progress

24.10.17 / Internal news

Dear friends,

First of all we want to thank you for your support and for signing the petition. Just for a few days we collected over 5000 signatures. Thank you! The saying "The more the better" fits perfectly to the situation. This is why we want to ask you to continue your support by sending the petition to as many people as you can. Our actions and this petition are provoked by this particular case but in Bulgaria there are over 20 zoos and only 4 have license and in most of the zoos the conditions in which the animals live are cruel and terrifying.
Please, help us stop this!

We would also like to share with you some of the comments under the petition:

"As a member of the European Union you are required to adhere to EU council directives concerning animal welfare. It's not acceptable to pick and choose which EU rules you follow. It's not acceptable to treat animals with so little respect, to neglect them or not care for them. We shouldn't as a civilized society need directives to tell us what the right thing to do is, but we do unfortunately. Please just examine your conscience, find your compassion and do the right thing."

Lisa Mahon, middx, United Kingdom

"Cruelty to animals is a criminal act. This is cruelty. Close this zoo and prevent its owners gaining financially. Where is the law in Bulgaria? "

Mick Cooper

"Zoos are Evil and this one is the worst I have seen. I demand the authorities to close this hellhole immediately and to place the animals in a sanctuary."

Julia D. Stewart

If you haven't signed the petition you can do it Opens external link in new windowhere.

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