Reduce the Suffering (2013- )

We are very pleased to introduce to you our new campaign "Reduce the Suffering" which is the restart of "Helping the Animals" campaign. It started September 2013.

All this is possible thanks to our long time partners from Opens external link in new windowTierhilfe Suden, - an animal welfare organization from Germany that helps different animal rights organizations in Bulgaria including Sofia municipality.

With the money collected from German and Bulgarian donors the campaign will help pay the medical expenses of animals in need. We will report collected and spent donations on our website as it was done before.

Since the animals in need are a lot and our funds are limited we will follow these strict rules when we make our choice who to help:

1. Financial help from this campaign can be received only for homeless animals (all animals - not just cats and dogs) that for sure will not be left on the street even after they are healed. This means that the person who asks for help will have to sign declaration saying that he becomes the owner of the animal and will take proper care for it until new responsible owner is found. If the person violates the declaration he/she will have to recover the funds spend from the campaign.

This rule insures that the animal will not only be cured but will be taken care of afterwards.

2. High priority have the cases that are not from Sofia. This decision is based on the fact that Sofia is the city with most animal rights organizations that can offer help, too. In most of the small cities and villages there are no such organizations and we want to provide help there.

3. We prioritize cases taken from our donors.

You can support this campaign by making a donation. How to donate you can see Opens internal link in current windowhere.

Additional information about the campaign

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